Shared Interest Subjects

The House Spiral Shared Interest Subjects are the topics we regularly discuss and are committed to learning more about as a group.

The Permanent Subjects should be given special attention and eventually be fairly well understood by all members as they form a central part of our ideology..

The Entertainment & Serious Subjects are an opt-in series of subjects that might be looked upon as an open-ended book club.

Subjects should have “champions”. Champions are people that go out of their way to look into and/or make sure that subject, in particular, gets discussed in some way with the club. 

Permanent Subjects

  • House Spiral Improvement, Promotion & Appreciation
  • Mental & Physical Health Improvement & Understanding
  • Sex-positive BDSM Awareness & Deep Advocacy
  • Prosocial Awareness & Advocacy
  • Critical Thinking Awareness & Education
  • Informed Civic Awareness & Discussion

Entertainment Subjects

  • Science Fiction: current focus on Star Trek / Star Wars*
  • Horror: current focus on Supernatural
  • Fantasy: current focus on Game of Thrones
  • Tabletop Gaming: current focus on Magic: the Gathering
  • Fashion: current focus on Cosplay
  • Wildcard: To be determined by vote

Serious Subjects

  • Pets: current focus on Cats*
  • History: current focus on American History
  • Science: current focus on Climate Change
  • Wildcard: Occult/Religious Studies
  • Wildcard: Nutrition
  • Wildcard: To be determined by vote

Visit the Shared Interest Resources for links to further information and readings on these subjects. 

*This is an honorary, permanent subject but will not have Champions. Due to its popularity, it's an extremely helpful shared interest. 

How Subjects Can Change

  1. Permanent Subjects shall not be changed. 
  2. Entertainment and Serious Subjects may change based upon nomination and a subsequent vote from the membership. For Entertainment and Serious Subjects, the “Focus On” is open to change but the genres are not.
  3. No subject can be changed within 2 years of being added.
  4. Nominations for subject changes shall be submitted to House Spiral Leadership.
  5. Nominations must be sponsored by 2 or more total members, including at least one Red or Black Dragon AND one White Dragon. 
  6. A Black Dragon can veto a subject nomination. 
  7. A subject nomination veto can be overturned with one Red or Black dragon sponsor and a simple majority of voting members with a quorum of 10 or more.
  8. Voting runs through Oct 1st - 15th.
  9. All House Spiral Members (White Dragon+) are eligible to vote on the subject change.
  10. Subject changes will be announced at House Spiral Day each year.