Membership Level Expectations

Membership Levels

Many are visitors to The Gathering and House Spiral events.  Some wish to become True Friends or indeed actual family members.   The below is a guide to understanding the process.  

White Dragon
 (Aspirant) - The first level of membership. Someone that seeks to become a True Friend of the club.  White Dragons should have membership cards indicating their level of membership.

- Some Expected Principles for Aspiring White Dragons: 

- As A White Dragon: Behave in such a way at your current level of understanding that a Confirmed White Dragon would or could given your situation. 

- Active participation:  Pro-active on discord and at least attending 2 Gatherings a month on average.  For some The Gathering might be difficult.  This limitation might be overcome by very heavy involvement on discord. 

Clear Intent: A clear intention to learn and express the understanding of the core agreements.  Be clear that this is not an overnight nor a passive process. It may take months or years. Make this known you are working toward this especially to existing Confirmed Red and White Dragons.

- Pro Positivity:  A can-do attitude should be obvious.  Apathy and negativity should be at a bare minimum. 

- Flexibility:  No one will come to the club knowing, understanding, and behaving in accordance with all the core agreements. Some longstanding habits that are not acceptable in the club may be need to be slowly abridged.  

Generally it will take at least one year from the time of application before becoming a Confirmed White Dragon.   


White Dragon (Confirmed) - A True Friend of the club that has shown they understand, agree, and act in accordance with the core agreements.  Also known as a "Silver Dragon."   This generally will take at least one year from applying to be an Aspiring White Dragon. 

- Some Expected Principles for Confirmed White Dragons:

- Continuation: All of the Aspiring White Dragon behaviors noted above also apply to Confirmed White Dragons.  One does not become a full fledged member and then rest on one's laurels.  It is a continuing process. 

- Central Doctrine: Obvious understanding and activity showing you hold the core agreements to be one of the guiding stars for your behavior. 

- Minimum Dues: A $1 minimum monthly contribution to the club.  Up to and including whatever you feel the club is worth to you,  adjusted based on your own financial situation.    

- Be Proud:  Respectful and proud presentation of your White Dragon insignia (pin) at House Spiral events at a minimum.  Business Casual, Formal Wear, or well-done Goth / Alt / Kink or Cosplay attire is the only way to properly display the House Spiral insignia.  This style of dress as much as possible at all House Spiral events.

- De-escalation:  There will of course, as with any human endeavor, be occasional problems.  Your goal should be to calmly "talk down" the situation and amend it, however long it takes. 


Red Dragon - A trusted family member of the club. A longstanding Confirmed White Dragon that shows especially good knowledge of and serious commitment to the core agreements.   This generally would take at least two years from the time of becoming a Confirmed White Dragon. 

- Some expected behaviors of Red Dragons:

 Continuation: All of the Aspiring & Confirmed White Dragon behaviors apply to Red Dragons.  One does not become a full-fledged member and then rest on one's laurels.  It is a continuing process. 

- Club Exemplar:  A core member of the club.  A true friend and loving family member.  Behave in such a way as we would want all members to behave. This should be obvious to both leadership, administration, and membership. 

- Especially Helpful:  All members should be willing to help, share, and comfort other members and engage with the club as a whole.  This should be crystal clear from the behavior of Red Dragons. 

Black Dragon - A paragon of the club.  This level is unattainable by even some of the most ardent supporters of the club, perhaps not even the leader.  A Black Dragon will work tirelessly for the club in a way that goes above and beyond 95% of all members. 

Administrator - Position within the club rather than membership level. Someone involved actively in the structure and improvement of the club beyond what a standard White or Red Dragon might.   

Leader - Sets the generalized direction of the club with significant input from administration and membership.