Important Terms / Concepts

Aspiring White Dragon:  A provisional member of the club. Not yet confirmed due to length of membership or clear demonstration of fully applying the core agreements in earnest. 

White Dragon Aspirant: See Above

Aspirant:  A member seeking to become confirmed in a given level of membership. 

Black Dragon: 5th level of membership in the House Spiral organization. Paragons of the club. Holding equal respect with HS Council members but are not necessarily on the council.  This rank may be unattainable for some due to health or life issues.  While "effort" is given a fair amount of weight for white and red dragons, only actions count here.  

On any votes a confirmed black dragon's vote is weighted the same as a councilor's vote.  (3x)  Until confirmed they continue to have voting power equal to a 

Confirmed Dragon: When becoming a member of the club (Aspiring White Dragon) or attaining a new level of status in the club (White, Red or Black Dragon) it may be transitory. 

A confirmed dragon is very unlikely to be a transitory. Confirmed dragons make up the 2nd, 4th, and 6th ranks of membership.   

Council Member: Red Dragons that have a higher level of influence in the club more than any other rank except the leader. They are not inherently "leadership" as they are Councilors to leadership.  Some overlap between councilor and leadership is is unavoidable. Councilor is not a "Membership Rank" but a position of responsibility. 

Example:  A new member as a "White Dragon" but, that is easily removed if they show they are unable to keep to the core agreements and show no effort to learn about the shared interests. 

It is hoped that the HS Council will rarely need to take votes but can come to consensus agreements with leadership. But Councilors have 3x weighted votes when necessary.

Senior High Councilor: This person is actual leadership and speaks with the voice of the leader when the leader is unavailable and is broadly aligned with the vision for the club on most matters. Councilors are appointed by the leader unless there is a veto. (Only Councilors have veto power)  

Junior High Councilor: This person is actual leadership and speaks with the voice of the leader when the leader is unavailable and are aligned with their vision for the club on most matters. In effect the Senior and Junior councilors have equal (roughly) equal power. One just has been in this position longer than the other.

High Priority: Unless you are sick, cannot get out of work, or some other unavoidable situation you will do this and/or it will get done. If it is a recurring activity, you will make a good faith effort to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate this. 

House Spiral Event:  A club wide gathering at a specific venue planned at least 2 months in advanced and is an " Identified" entertainment or important shared interest subject. (See "Identified Event." Below. )There should be event cards made.

HSO: House Spiral Philanthropic Organization. What is or will be the legal name of the "Club/Family."

Identified Shared Interest Subject:  This is a shared interest subject that is not "generalized".  Example:  Fantasy is a generalized house spiral subject. Fantasy: Game of Thrones is an "identified" house spiral subject.

Leader: (this title may change) Sets the direction of the club and has final say on all club matters. Can be overridden by a simple majority of council votes on any individual decision. May be removed by:

  1. ALL councilors voting, AND a super majority (67%) vote to remove  OR
  2. If that can't be accomplished but still is a need, then 2/3rds of membership need to vote, AND requires a simple majority (51%) vote to remove

On Time: 5 minutes "early."

The Prime Directives: 
These are meant primarily for councilors and leaders to try and perfect. Membership and Family should be heavily encouraged. 

1. Keep reviewing and perfecting the Core Agreements.
2. Self educate on Sex-positivity, Prosocial Behavior and the Permanent Shared Interests.
3. Grow The Organization.
4. Meet in real life when possible. 
5. Remain Solvent and Resilient. 
6. Keep organizational disputes within the organization.

Special emphasis on Sex-Positivity and Prosocial Behavior. Bias toward increasing Health, BDSM awareness, and Civic awareness within the organization. Philosophically there is an open question if perhaps focusing on the "less serious" subjects may grow the club faster and thus give a larger pool of people to shift into the serious subjects. 

Priority: A good faith effort will be made to do this. Some other activities may have to be sacrificed.   

Red Dragon: The 3rd membership level in the House Spiral Organization. A member that keeps the core agreements and shared interests as a High priority. These are "actual chosen family" upon being confirmed.

Shared Interest Champion: Someone that has chosen to take the time to put extra effort into learning about and bringing up this shared interest regularly at house spiral events. All members should be champions of at least one subject from each of the three categories. Currently this is not required. That will change by the end of House Spiral Year One.