House Spiral Member Agreements


  1. Know the House Spiral Motto: Hugs are Good. Jerks are Bad.
  2. Know that House Spiral is a sex-positive, prosocial club for some, and a devoted family for others. We are also goth, introvert, nerd, and pet lover friendly. 
  3. Interact directly in private on fairly regular basis with other House Spiral  members outside of The Gathering or House Spiral events.
  4. Be friendly and welcoming to all members and guests. 
  5. Make a point to have a basic understanding of the House Spiral Shared Interest Subjects and the value of the prosocial activity this entails.
  6. Behave in such a way as to make it clear House Spiral members are dedicated, trustworthy, and self-aware. 
  7. Make an effort to help improve House Spiral.
  8. Agree that science overrides superstition in all decisions related to health & governance.
  9. Strive to improve one's health and lifestyle at one's pace. 
  10. Attend more than one Gathering per month on average and/or be regularly active on our discord. Respond to discord DMs and also read #House-Spiral-Talk and #General-text-chat channels. 
  11. Know when House Spiral Day is and make it a priority to attend. 
  12. Carry a valid House Spiral membership card with you.



  • Take your membership and activity as a serious duty. Higher level House Spiral membership is family beyond just the social club aspect. 
  • Active on the House Spiral Discord server and a very regular Gathering member far more than a White Dragon.
  • Wear your Confirmed Dragon pin as much as you feel comfortable. Do NOT wear it on a T-shirt.  Business casual or better clothing only.  
  • Red Dragon applicants must have attended at least some House Spiral Council Meetings prior to acceptance as a Red Dragon.
  • Provide all your contact information, including an emergency contact
  • Very familiar with the Shared Interest Subjects.
  • Black and Red Dragons should be exemplars of House Spiral membership.
  • Red Dragons must have been a confirmed White Dragon for at least 6 months prior to applying for Red Dragon membership.
  • Black Dragons must have been a confirmed Red Dragon for at least 1 year prior to applying for Black Dragon membership.
  • For new Red Dragon applications to be approved, there must be 2x as many White Dragons.
  • For new Black Dragon applications to be approved, there must be more Red than Black Dragons.
  • Red Dragons and above have official House Spiral runic symbols.

    *Special consideration if you literally cannot communicate via voice.